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Sensational 70's - A great blend of everything from Disco, to Classic Rock, to even
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Rock Steady - All ROCK from all genres...Classic to Alternative to Metal!  So wear
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Easy-On-The-Ears - After-a-busy-day-kick-back-relax music...that WILL NOT put
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Ladies of I-SIS - Hosted by The Ladies of I-SIS!  We'll talk, play music, talk, play
music..You get the picture...or DO you!!

State of INDIEpendence - The BEST Indie music from all across the USA & the
World At Large!!  Hear the Hits of the Future by the Stars of Tomorrow!!
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Thousands of online/internet radio broadcasters, including us, have kicked off
the New Year with a shocking & unexpected blow.  Due to a shift in
regulations and licensing, Live365, the internet radio platform that many of us
have been streaming our programs on for years, is shutting down at the end
of January.  Without any warning, the CRB's decision to not renew the Small
Webcaster's Agreement has made it so that small broadcasters can no
longer broadcast legally.  All of the years of "doing the right thing" by paying
the dues, fees & royalties to the artist's that deserve to be paid for their work
evidently was not enough.  Please join us in seeking the restoration of the
Small Webcasters Agreement administered by SoundExchange.  Here is a
link to the petition that is currently being circulated for this purpose:

Opposition to Copyright Royalty Board's Decision on Webcasting Rates


In the meantime, please enjoy my "State of INDIEpendence" show currently
playing on LIVE365..while it lasts.  I started my career playing my beloved
Indies.  Only fitting that we sign off with them.... for now!!